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Mold Remediation & Environmental Decontamination Services – Safe & Healthier Living

Safe & Healthier Living

It’s how we provide our services expertise and our organic non-toxic products to provide you a healthier environment in your home and office.

We know the dangers of mold and provide you our experience to help you manage your moisture and humidity, the cause of mold. We know the science of environmental decontamination. We know the health risks of many of the standard products used in mold remediation and environmental decontamination. That is why we only use non-toxic and organic products in our services. To keep you safer and healthier.

Mold Remediation Services

Our Mold Remediation Service removes dangerous mold and mold toxins from your residence or office. Mold and mold toxins are associated with many health problems including fatigue, congestion, respiratory conditions, headaches and skin irritations Children and people with asthma conditions are particular affected. Our ultra-low volume fogger application of Concrobium Mold Control assures that the product penetrates and kills mold throughout your home.

Environmental Decontamination Services

Our Environmental Decontamination Services kills airborne and surface bacteria, germs and viruses. We utilize the only hospital-grade organic decontamination cleaner available in Panama that is recognized as effective to kill the SARS-CoV2 virus that causes COVID-19 infections. Our detail treatment of high-touch areas followed by our ultra-low volume fogger application of Concrobium Virucide assures full coverage of walls and surfaces. The product dries without leaving a sticky residue as do many typical disinfectants.

Use Healthy Products and a Service Provider that Knows the Science

Be aware of possible adverse health effects from the many other products being used for disinfectant and mold remediation in Panama. Our non-toxic products contain no harmful ingredients that are associated with health effects, respiratory distress, or skin irritations. Safe for use around children and pets.
Mold Remediation Service and Environmental Decontamination Service are both available separately.

Call us today to make a treatment reservation. +507 6956-1130 or write us

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