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Mold Can Be Growing Right Where You Lay Your Head at Night

Mold in bedrooms is extremely dangerous to health of you and your family
It’s a curse from contamination that’s possibly lurking mysteriously in your home – a fungus, which can potentially harm or execute one of your loved ones, and possibly you.
Mold can be ruthless by developing its home right where you lay your head at night. How can this be, when you unquestionably believe that you’ve followed every typical procedure out there, in keeping your family and home safe? It’s understandable to automatically assume there’s harmful and unforeseen substances outdoors, however, indoors, the devious one is closer than you think.
What is mold?  Well, mold is a form of fungus and it can be found outdoors as well as, indoors. It spreads through the production of spores, which have the capability in surviving in harsh conditions, but mold grows best in moist, warm and humid environments – almost everywhere in Panama that isn’t continually air conditioned. Additionally, mold spores tend to grow when they land on damp spots – feeding on digesting the material they are growing on.
There are many types of mold and the most common indoor ones are Alternaria, which is found in damp places, such as showers or under leaky sinks. Often, found growing on dust is Aspergillus, which, indeed can be found on food items and building materials, such as drywall. In addition, Cladosporium is another type of mold that grows in cool and warm areas, which is typically found on fabrics and wood surfaces. Also, when materials have been damaged by water, Penicillium mold is to blame, resulting in a blue or green appearance.
There have been several stories in the news lately on mysterious deaths, all linking back to fungus infections. However, this specific report taken on Sept. 20 in 2015, from CNN, claimed that, three transplant patients died at a Pittsburgh Medical Center after contracting a fungal infection from mold. Although, the type of mold wasn’t identified, three innocent lives passed away that day from an unforeseen fungus lurking in the walls of the center. The intensive care unit was temporarily closed down during the hunt, in finding the source of the slayer.
According, to the Medical News Today mold takes a variety of forms and textures, appearing as white, black, yellow, blue or green, and often look like a discolored stain to a surface. By all means, be attentive because mold spores can make their way into your home either through the air or after attaching to objects or people. Also, open windows, doorways and ventilation systems are all gateways through which spores can enter.
In 2004 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) found there was sufficient evidence to link indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract systems, such as coughing and wheezing even in healthy people as well as children. Also, in a study found by CDC, exposure to mold can cause nasal stuffiness, eye and skin irritation. When it comes to health concerns, it should, without question, be the first on your list to take care of, especially if it can possibly effect your loved ones, or even you.
You will find numerous mold control remedies and solutions on the Internet and in stores, but almost always will involve products that contain bleach, chlorine, peroxide or other harsh chemicals that re dangerous to adults, children, pets or plants. Also using such products is not recommended on fabrics, leather or other delicate surfaces.
Concrobium Mold Control is one of a few products that are guaranteed to kill mold and help prevent future growth. The patented formula has passed rigorous testing of the U.S. EPA for effectiveness in mold control and is also Health Canada and Panama MINSA approved. The product can be sprayed directly onto mold, or for larger areas such as rooms and ducting, can be fogged into the space with an Ultra Low Volume Fogger.
Contact the specialists at www.MoldControlPanama for for special applications.

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