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The Mold Coating Myth, “I’ll just paint over the mold”

Can I use paint or other coatings ‘to seal in’ mold spores?
The short answer is: no


Even the top-of-the-line products often recommended by contractors will not ‘seal in’ mold spores or other toxins.  Adding a paint coating on top of existing mold is like getting a flu shot when you already have the flu; it doesn’t help and can actually cause more damage.

Applying a coating over mold on concrete or other materials with mold locks the moisture in, creating a perfect environment for mold to flourish beneath the coating. In most cases creating even a better environment for mold to grow. You will make the mold problem worse.

Coatings do not provide a barrier to mold spores or their toxic by-product: mycotoxins. Though you no longer see the mold, it may still be there, contaminating the air and damaging your health and the health of your family.

Even the companies that make mold and mildew resistant coatings, which are often suggested by contractors, do not recommend applying coatings over existing mold. Always read the fine print on manufacturers’ labels.  From the website of one of the top brand (and most expensive) mildew resistant finishes, “… Clean and remove all mildew and mold off the surface before priming and painting”.

What should I do instead of using coatings to seal in mold? 

The only way to fully eliminate mold and the associated health risks is to completely clean and remove all existing mold with a product like Concrobium Mold Control. Then allow the surface to dry to a normal moisture content. Make sure to try to correct the reason the moisture was a problem in the first place. If the conditions that caused the mold to grow continue after cleaning, the mold will just grow back. And your money spent on cleaning and painting will have been wasted.

What else do I need to know about using coatings to protect against mold? 

When finishes are applied, keep in mind that the new finish, itself, is the only thing protected from mold growth. Everything underneath is still susceptible to mold. To truly seal out mold, a material must be encapsulated on all sides. Make sure the moisture problem is fixed, or the mold will just grow back!

Seek the help of an experienced and professional mold remediation specialist like Mold Control Panama.

Always do your own research, regardless of who you hire. It’s your health at stake!


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