Treatment Scope plus Our Terms & Conditions

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The Mold Remediation and Treatment Procedure

A typical mold remediation treatment takes an average of 2:30 to 3 hours in residences of 200 square meters. However this varies depending on each residence. We recommend being patient and letting the technical staff carry out the treatment according to the established protocol so that it is of greater benefit to you, the client.

The product that is used (Concrobium Mold Control) does not have any toxic component or irritants, so the application process does not represent a danger to pets, plants or people. The client can stay at home or in the offices while the treatment is done since nothing that will cause harm will be used.

In cases of contaminated wallpaper or paint that has been indicated in the inspection, it is the customer's responsibility to remove the wallpaper or paint and clean before the day of treatment. Our technicians will only remove those mold stains that have remained after cleaning and will proceed to fogging. It is not the responsibility of the technicians to remove any wallpaper or paint.

It is recommended to customers that if they wish to mist closets and drawers, they empty them before the technicians arrive. The technical staff is not responsible for emptying or touching belongings in the projects or moving large furniture to be treated. The client needs to have ready all those furniture that they want to be treated.

The technical team will remove mold stains from large pieces of furniture such as dining tables, bedside tables, sofas, etc. and from those closets and drawers that are ready to be treated. Subsequently, after the removal of stains on furniture with mold stains indicated during the inspection, and stains on slabs and walls, each area will be covered with plastic sheets to proceed with fogging. After the nebulization stage, the sheets with the spores trapped with the product will be collected and the air conditioners will be turned on to speed up the drying process. Drying generally takes an hour, but this depends on each residence. Once this drying time has passed, your house will be ready to return to normal.
- Any scheduled cleaning is suggested to be the next day without touching the treated walls and ceilings.
=================================== IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is suggested that the cleaning of the treated house be done daily next so that the product is more efficient since it is extremely important to let it dry and trap the largest amount of spores and that the protective layer dry completely. Our service is a TREATMENT AGAINST STAINS AND REMOVAL OF MOLD SPORES and should not be understood as a cleaning service. IMPORTANT NOTE: The client is responsible for emptying the closets and drawers if they wish to mist in these areas as well as moving any furniture they wish to treat such as: entertainment center, dressers and any other large and heavy furniture.