Mother wiping nose of daughter with tissue

Help! My child has mold allergies

Fact: mold triggers allergies and can be very serious. Especially for children.

Mold has to have favorable conditions in order to grow. Imagine its like a stool, there are three legs. If you take out one of the legs, it no longer has a foothold right?

1. Humidity / Ventilation

The biggest factor is humidity. Your home may not have the best ventilation so get a Dehumidifier. You will more than likely have to empty it daily, or even better use a the external drain hose that most good models support. That alone will slow the growth of mold quickly. And hopefully keep it from coming back.

2. Kill and Remove Existing Mold

Use an EPA approved mold cleaner product. Bleach will NOT WORK, unless on a hard non porous surface. Concrobium Mold Control is the best mold killer and cleaner out there and used with great success by hundreds of Panamanians. It crushes, kills, encapsulates mold and leaves behind an antimicrobial film. Scrub it on everything! Every wall, corner, ceiling floor ect) there won’t be any harsh fumes or volatile smells. It’s even safe around kids and pets. So safe, you can drink it, (obviously don’t!). Most people opt to broing in a professional mold remediation company like Mold Control Panama because they have the experience and use an ultra low volume fogger to assure the Concrobium gets in every surface of your home. 

3. Be Diligent to Monitor and Control New Mold Growth

Be diligent about checking for any new mold growths. Under tables, behind sofas, inside cupboards. Spot some mold, hit ot right away with Concrobium Mold Control. Next, get a hold of an air purifier. Look for one that specifically states that it has a HEPA  filter that catches mold/mildew spores. Change the first level filter every 2 months. Many people will rent an Air Scrubber for a few days to literally scrub the mold spores and mycotoxins out of the air.

A Closing Comment

We will warn you that you will have a continuing problem with mold if you don’t keep the humidity down to a 50% level or have good and continuous air circulation.

And of course we always recommend to hire a professional firm such as Mold Control Panama to fully assess your unique situation and suggest a mold management protocol to keep you and your family healthy.

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