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Are You Concerned About Airborne Mold and the Health of Your Family?

Elevated mold spore concentrations in indoor environments are known to be a leading cause of elevated respiratory allergy symptoms and asthma.

Mold has been linked to numerous serious health issues and is a leading cause of respiratory illness in immunocompromised individuals. You can now get a detailed air quality analysis report from an accredited U.S.A laboratory with our Air Quality Testing Services in Panama. 

We Provide Professional Air Quality and Surface Mold Testing Services  in Panama.

We verify the safety of your breathing spaces – including residential buildings, commercial structures and vehicles. Airborne and surface sampling for mold and other airborne particles are conducted by professionals using specialized test equipment and following international testing protocols. The airborne particulate samples and surface samples are sent by us to an internationally accredited testing laboratory in the United States for detailed quantitative analysis.

We provide you a detailed laboratory report, and a detailed assessment and recommendations 

 The laboratory report is broken into counts of spores per cubic meter, broken out int individual mold species types. Also included are counts of pollen, insect and dust mite parts. Click HERE to see an actual report we completed for a commercial client in Panama City.  

We provide you a personalized “Air Quality Interpretive Summary” and a “Detailed Indoor Air Quality Interpretation Guide”

 Our resources include experienced international industry professionals and knowledgeable Ph.D. scientists. We provide you a simple result interpretation and suggested remediation steps if required.

Do I need to do a laboratory analysis if visible mold is present?

In most cases, if visible mold growth is present, sampling is unnecessary. Visible mold indicates 100% probability that there are airborne mold spores and mycotoxins. If visible mold is observed, a full mold remediation program should be initiated as soon as practical.

I can not see physical mold in my residence, but I smell something and feel ill. What’s going on?

When visible mold is not present, but the smell of mold or mycotoxins is noticed, a mold inspection and indoor air quality test can reveal whether there is indeed elevated mold, and where it is located. 

What other reasons are there to do an airborne air sampling analysis?

1) If there have been plumbing leaks or water issues and there is a suspicion that elevated mold may exist in the air and/or behind walls.
2) Health Concerns: An air quality and mold report will help confirm a doctor’s or the patient’s suspicion that a mold problem exists.
3) For real estate transactions for the protection of Buyers and Sellers. Also Landlord/Tenant disputes as to whether there is a mold problem.
4) Someone thinks they see or smell mold but are not sure.

Let us help you get the data you need to make the right health decisions.
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